Thursday, March 12, 2009

Amaryllis Hippeastrum Forms and Ruminations

The swelling buds of Amaryllis in the south facing window of my barn studio are inspirational. Just knowing the bulbs need a "dry" period lifts the spirit, for we all go thru droughts but sometimes forget that a new vibrant spurt of creative life could soon follow. Amaryllis contains most everything it needs within itself and if given in proper time the appropriate amounts of water and light it will produce lovely flowers year after year. Here the sepals are gently giving way at the seams revealing an inner bounty of petals. The painter of plant consciousness sends a signal to green to recede, while encouraging sepals and petals to expand, to drink, to inhale red liquid hues through etched veins rising up from a palette hidden deep within its bulbous fleshy container, tucked neatly nearly all below in soft rich black loam inside a painted Moroccan clay pot.
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