Sunday, March 8, 2009

Conway Neighbors Shedding for Spring

This is an enchanting organic farm where my friend Carol grows tons of veggies and cares for her two horses Mary and Goldie along with her only hen Henrietta, who pays her own way with an egg a day. Mary and Goldie freely give tons of rich manure that helps build great soil for all the potatoes, cabbages, winter squash, berries of all kinds for jams and jellies and other delicious vegetables that fill Carol's gardens. One might think that Henrietta would be longing for her own kind but it seems she is quite content bossing around all the other animals including Carol's very special Scottish setter Katie. The sheep resting on a neighboring hillside were a delight to spot on our walk after a yummy lunch made with Carol's home grown food. The greenhouse was clean out and readied for seedlings that will soon be able to come out. It seems Mary and Goldie have been shedding their winter coat... so hopefully we will have an early spring! On International Women's Day it was fitting to be visiting a strong, independent woman such as Carol in her magical world.

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