Friday, March 20, 2009

A Gentle Steward's Sugar House II

Roger's wife Anne did help him out in the past, but today Roger sugars alone and with the help of modern tubing he is able to harvest from about 400 taps and 36 buckets. One hardly notices the plastic lines in Roger's sugar orchard nearest the sugarhouse, for there is just one very long solid tube visible out back that runs very neatly deep into his sugar wood from a small storage tank room. The tubing run from the sugar orchard to the storage tanks and into the evaporator. Everything is clean, orderly and aesthetically pleasing. All around his sugarhouse buckets hang from spigots... a joy to see the old fashion authentic way of gathering sap. The dripping sap from each tree creates a different tone and tempo when falling into the individual buckets, creating a musical sugar orchard for anyone who cares to bend over and listen... that is if one happens to be visiting soon after the buckets have been emptied.
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