Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Beginning of the Winter Garden Walk (scroll down to barn and text)

This walk will take you along with me while meandering through the gardens with my camera... as you walk around the north side of the barn studio you will find the crabapple orchard where countless birds enjoy the fruits still hanging from a few of the trees. Then a glance out towards Walnut Hill and a lovely serpentine native cherry I call "Michael's Tree". I turn around from time to time as I walk to capture a view from different directions. You will notice as I first went downhill it was overcast but by the time I came up again the sun was casting blue shadows on the snow and a bright blue sky opened up above. 

The garden walk goes on through a number of posts but starts here walking towards the north then ending on the south side of the house with an enchanting sculpture by artist Robert Markey. Just keep scrolling up to see the entire garden walk as I walked it. The pictures give you a feeling for the lay of the land and scope of the gardens. These views will alter greatly with the swelling of spring, summer and fall. I hope you will join me throughout all of the seasons to enjoy the variety of flora and fauna found here at Flower Hill Farm.

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