Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tiny Bulbous Flowers

Dwarf spears of Iris reticulata bravely emerge from the dark cold earth to the warmth of light along with early crocus and for now only one snowdrop. Thinning blankets of snow elsewhere in the gardens keep other bulbs in the dark. These small beginnings are like precious jewels and I sit near them to ponder their miraculous lives. The bulbs are blooming on the south facing hillside where I can also now work to clear away debris, briars and other unwelcome invasive plants I allowed to take hold last year. My gardens are so wild and rambling and cover at least four acres so I let it go in places... one finds no perfection here... plants I love grow near plants I loathe but must respect for their tenacity. I work with the garden and strive to have beauty within the bounty of diversity. 
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