Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Muse Day Carnival Hot, Loud and Proud

It is the first day of December and in keeping with the season I will post greens and reds, while joining three fellow blogger memes. First in honor of Carolyn Gail's Sweet Home and Garden Chicago for her Garden Bloggers Muse Day, I have posted a poem below. I hope that A Plant Fanatic in Hawaii by the name of Noel, will consider my contributions hot and loud enough . . . I am surely proud of them. I join a Carnival too, hosted by a newer member to our gardening community.  Fer's My Little Garden in Japan is inviting everyone to share their favorite plants. She inspires anyone who dreams of gardening, that it can be done with any amount of space. I hope you can visit them all and participate if you like.

I have nothing in bloom right now, but I have many apples and memories of them in the gardens. They still delight me with their sweetness each day.  

I have a few varieties and now hold them in cold storage. In the garden they hang like ornaments from the trees. This is one of the oldest trees in the middle garden.

I wish I knew the name of this delicious variety. Some are not perfect but I do not mine sharing with the teeny tenants, for they do not take up too much room.

Another yummy variety from an Apple tree in the north garden.

Still another I call my 'Bonsai Apple', that had a good pruning over the winter and early spring. Each kind of apple tickles the taste buds in a unique way . . . offering their own medley of mouthwatering sweetness with just a pinch of tartness. I can imagine hand painted wooden apples hanging on a festive tree.

Then there are the tiny tart red Crabapples, that are not food for me, but for many Robins, Cedar Waxwings and Wild Turkeys, to name a few who fine them tasty. I enjoy seeing little painted birds on Christmas trees as well. Now for a Christmas poem to mark the beginning of a special time of year. Happy Advent!

When clustered sparks 
Of many-colored fire
Appear at night 
In ordinary windows 

We hear and sing
The customary carols 

They bring us ragged miracles
And hay and candles 
And flowering weeds of poetry
That are loved all the more
Because they are so common 

—from "Noël"
by Anne Porter

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