Monday, December 13, 2010

Seasonal Musings Moving South Part Two

Winter  Rock Maples

Last time we ended the garden overview on the north side of the gardens. Today let's go south! Over two hundred years ago, those that built my little farmhouse were wise to plant Rock Maples (Sugar Maples) on the south side of the house. These majestic trees have been my soulful friends throughout the last thirty two years, while offering leafy shade during the hot summer months. They solidly stand like great guardians protecting my humble home.


Looking up from the south lower garden towards the Rock Maples, spring exhales blossoms from every twig of Apple, lilac, Viburnum and Magnolia. 

Male Baltimore Oriole in Apple Blossoms

I have a colorful crew of helpers gleaning the blossoms, which provide important food for their efforts.

Magnolia soulangeana before Rock Maples

 Can you see the brushstroke of bright orange within the buds? 

You can see him better here!

Summer Hydrangea, Magnolia and Grasses  Rock Maples

This Magnolia is an ever bloomer! I prune to keep it growing more horizontal. 

You can see on the first Rock Maple, where a large limb . . . tree like in itself . . . fell off a few years back in a scary ice storm. It came crashing down with a loud boom, but thankfully fell in such a way as to not cause too much damage to its surroundings. Sometimes the mightiness of these beautiful trees frighten me.


Rock Maples   2008

Wisteria, Lilac and Viburnum 

The remaining images are of Spring just to the right of the huge Rock Maples. I want to leave you with lush vibrant colors from the south spring garden. 

May these offer warmth and joy to those burdened with frigid temperatures and piles of snow. We have had buckets of rain and the mercury hit 45 today. Mid December in Western Massachusetts at the foothills of the Berkshires. I know Winter will hit us hard soon enough. I enjoyed having the windows open for awhile today. 
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