Friday, December 17, 2010

Seasonal Musings Part Four Studio Terrace Garden Due East In Between


The compass points due east to the horizon seen from the little studio. Carey Hill dressed in its thousands of trees changes hourly and daily through the seasons. At dusk in the moonlight the hillside is magically lit up. The Weeping Crabapple and American Cranberry Viburnum just outside the studio doors wear their seasonal dress throughout the days and nights. I continue my journey of Seasonal Musings through archives of mostly this years gardens and show you eastern horizons and terrace plantings just outside the Writer's Studio. 

Sometimes in the early morning there is a fog covering the tip of Carey Hill. The freshness of morning light and wet snow can be breathtaking, when every branch and limb line is etched in white.

A snowy night beneath a bright moon becomes a blue landscape. Heavy snow blossoms fill the Weeping Crabapple and Viburnum. 

Winter months pass and melt . . .


into stirring Spring!

Weeping Crabapple begins with red tight buds. 

Weeping Crabapple slowly opening into white blossoms.

American Cranberry Viburnum with Late spring lilacs in the distance.
Beauty Bush blooming toward budding Tree Lilac 


Once the Weeping Crabapple and Viburnum have finished with their show the summer blooms of Tree Lilac and Foxgloves bring color and food for hummingbirds and butterflies. Garden views and their horizons are always varying . . . an ever changing painting. The studio sits back a bit in between the barn and old farmhouse. Long ago it was a summer kitchen. 

The north corner of the farmhouse, as seen from the studio. Here looking out over the Lupines, you can see the Mount Holyoke Range. The barn and Crabapple orchard are further north to the left. The large looming Rock Maples are visible when you walk out behind the farmhouse and look to your right. 


Autumn paints the landscape a final rush of bold hues . . .  before all color falls into Winter's grip of lovely emptiness. In my last post we were in the barn looking southeast towards the farmhouse. The north side views of the Weeping Crabapple and Viburnum were revealed in those photographs. Here we see their western facades. Much tedious pruning takes place over the spring, summer and fall months to keep the view open and give this lovely living wall its shape. Both offer food for birds and chipmunks. Today is another Blooming Friday where you can see other horizons around the world. Please visit Katarina's Roses and Stuff and enjoy! 

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