Monday, December 20, 2010

Seasonal Musings Part Five View from Barn Studio


Continuing the dig though my archives . . . you may recognize some of these photos . . . I offer part five of my Seasonal Musings. Moving back into the barn I am sharing the views looking mostly due east as we saw from the little studio, only now we are further north. You can see the tips of a Crabapple from the orchard to the north side of the barn and the gardens just outside the barn studio doors. It is a rather boring sticky garden in the winter, until snow outlines  the many branches of Lilac, Viburnum, Roses and Tree Lilac. The larger tree in the distance is my beloved serpentine native Black Cherry, tenderly referred to as 'Michael's Tree'. Note the shrubs in the foreground are standing tall . . . some reaching over ten feet . . . covering the view of the Black Cherry's lower trunk.

Stormy nights can drop a lot of snow. An earlier full moon paints the landscape bright blue.

By morning the heavy snow has nearly flattened the tall shrubs revealing the serpent like trunk of the Black Cherry. Yikes!

 I await the verdict for my shrubberies, as the snow melts.

They are free! Pliable and yielding they bounce back up into Spring! 


Fresh new spring  greens slowly fill out the gardens and landscape.

Spring becomes a riot of color and fragrance.

French Lilacs and Viburnums 


Summer brings roses, peonies and frothy blooms of the Tree Lilac! The Viburnums produce many hearty berries the birds devour.

Summer and early Autumn are most magical for the release of many Monarch Butterflies!


The Black Cherry becomes golden as the days grow shorter.

November's late Autumn light is still a welcome sight. Now when I look out all color is gone, excepting the dark evergreens and ever present gray. Light plays an important role in the gardens and landscape throughout the seasons too. 

Speaking of Light! Our Winter Solstice is but a day away. The moon will be full and there is to be a lunar eclipse. 12/21/10! I hope the skies are clear. The eclipse event will begin Tuesday around 1:30AM Eastern Standard Time. HAPPY WINTER SOLSTICE! For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, our days will begin to grow longer, as we tilt towards spring. I will note the sun moving back towards the north along Carey and Walnut hill . . .  a tiny bit each day. HAPPY SUMMER SOLSTICE! to friends in the Southern Hemisphere.

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