Saturday, December 15, 2012

Dreaming Of Peace and Goodwill

The Budapest Opera House dressed up for Christmas. 

Hungarian Christmas carolers singing.

Wishing you all the Happiest of Holidays! 

Shooting stars seem to follow the Hattatts! 
Jane Hattatt can be seen above stepping towards the entrance of the Budapest Opera House 
and below with Lance Hattatt in one of their favorite squares in Venice.

 If I had wished upon a falling star, 
I could not have wished for more gracious, generous, 
funny and fantastic guides, companions and hosts for my first visits to Venice and Budapest. 
I will endeavor to weave more words together regarding the dear, winsome and hilarious Hattatts . . .  
when I pick up again after the holidays . . .  
to begin sharing more of the natural world here at Flower Hill Farm 
along with some of the magic of the aforementioned fabulous cities. 

Francesco Maffei Detail of Angel saving drowning children

I had thought for this to have been a simple joyous post 
and to wish all the warmest and happiest of holidays featuring the Budapest Opera House 
where tragedies are played out in a splendid house.

Then a real tragedy strikes at the heart of our country destroying precious life and balance for so many. It is sad beyond words. 
When will we wake up and demand true gun control and if one chooses to have guns . . .  store them safely away.
I am so deeply sorry for the families and community so devastated by this horrific act. 

Would that we could have a compassionate watch as we have say . . . neighborhood watch. 
To keep a watchful eye on those that seem isolated and wounded. 
Just one person who might reach out to make a difference. 
I know it is so complicated.
The amount of senseless violence in our children's lives from the media . . . our wars . . . games and more are not helpful. 

May Peace come to our world. 

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