Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Walking, Working, Birding Up and Down the South Slope Early Day Into Evening Light

Spring rushed into intense green unfurling free fall fading blooms beneath a fire of heat nearly thirty degrees warmer than an April day were three days... plants shot up three to four inches in twenty four hours including asparagus which I harvested this evening... only a few to be true but ready they were weeks ahead of schedule. A dragon fly flew by ... not long after at dusk my first bat sighting both arrivals early... peepers too. Thankful the wave fell back into cool with north winds blowing south western heat I am not sure where. Back into Spring we go... a wood fire as it should be here on this next to the last evening of April. Flowers exhale a sigh of relief ... time for me to deal with peonies standing knee high. There is so much going on ... so much to write but too tired from all the demands of the photo essays and the land. I will catch up in time... meanwhile hope you enjoy the story my photos convey. These photos were taken in the morning and late afternoon light. There are some repeats that reveal the difference in lighting... for your pleasure.
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