Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Dance Courtship . . . Or Is It?

Pileated Woodpeckers mate for life and renew courtship each year I imagine. Their dance is magical and I was amazingly lucky to happen upon them in the garden near my favorite Native Black Cherry yesterday morning. If you scroll fast . . .  you will get an idea of their choreography. Truly a gift! Precious . . .  as so much of our natural world and worthy of more than just our courting. We need a more serious daily relationship with the needs of our planet. Hopefully soon every day will become a better day for our beloved Earth! NOTE- I have been advised ( I am so thankful but cannot find the email to personally thank the person) and gratefully accept that these are two males?? If this was a challenge instead of courtship, it was certainly very mild mannered. Most curious.

For me Earth Day will always be a Remembrance for a dear soul, who devoted his heart, wit and wisdom to writing, educating, fighting and finally giving his life . . . for our world. I feel he has been with me these twelve years helping me be stronger in my part towards change. My heart smiles to think of Michael's spirit dancing with these magnificent birds. Thank you Mike for all you did and how you inspired so many others to fight harder too. You are deeply missed and never forgotten!

It is because of Michael that this Native (Serpentine) Black Cherry was saved from vines that were pulling it down. Now this tree is a major dancer in the gardens . . . with Michael's gentle, sweet spirit accompanied by gracious White and Gray Birch. I was looking towards the Black Cherry, when I saw the Pileated Woodpeckers . . .  the sun danced along too . . .  in their fiery crested crowns.  THANK YOU DEAR EARTH FOR ALL YOUR GIFTS.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April Showers Us With Life!

One of the beauties of April showers is the light that filters through the blanket of clouds . . .  like beams from towers, they illuminate the valley and millions of trees upon Mount Tom, usurping the bounty of liquid to their thirst of rapid growth. 
The gardens expand into green and the various colors of their promised blossoms!
Naked limbs don virtuous verdant cloth of leaves. They become fuller each day.
Lilacs continue to swell.
The new covers the past fruits still giving, as the male Cardinal continues to feast on rose hips. A good idea to leave those dried up casings for our feathered friends.
Song Sparrows prefer the tip tops of Tree Lilac to sing out to Spring!
While the Hermit Thrush returns and combs the ground for insects. I have yet to hear their melodic trill.

The Tree Swallows seem content . . . he preens, while she looks things over.
These birds will not sit still too long, for they are lovers of flight . . . their dance of wing fills the sky.
They will come back to clarify and claim their space and home. New birds and songs fill the gardens . . . more each day. It is a workout for the brain to place the song with the bird and I never tire of trying. I long to fly with them in their joy to create new life!  I am now content to slowly move along with garden chores . . . nothings waits . . . every living thing moves towards it's purpose.

Friday, April 16, 2010

April Garden Bloggers Bloom Day and Blooming Friday!

Little dapper Chickadee enjoys the view front and back.

Looking over from the north towards the gardens just behind the barn studio. Last minute clean up still going on.

My stick garden of Lilacs, Viburnums, Quince, Roses, Hydrangea and Forsythia . . . now just look a bit more to your left . . . 

Japanese Tree Lilac, English Hawthorne, Viburnums and Roses will expand into blooms soon. 

Just down below from the Japanese Tree Lilac we are in the north field where wild flowers grow. We are looking south towards the Blueberry fields and Mount Tom.

Truly Trillium. 

Daffodils are scattered all around the farm.

This lovely chorus of Daffodils can survive quite well in a dreaded carpet of goutweed!

Goldfinches are joining the colorful leaves and blooms with sprouting buttery yellow plumes.

Yummy Lilacs swell into the light!

Flowering Quince is the first shrubbery to bloom in the north garden!

Weeping Cherry and Star Magnolia still showering with blooms.

The south garden is all abloom with a mystery white Prunus adding to the white of birch and Magnolia.  It is Garden Bloggers Bloom Day (one day late) and Blooming Friday. I am happy to be able to join others around the world who join Carol's May Dreams Gardens and Katarina's Roses and Stuff. Happy Blooms! SPECIAL NOTE: I DID NOT KNOW TILL JUST NOW THAT THERE IS NO BLOOMING FRIDAY ANYMORE! THANKS SO TO KATARINA WHO INTRODUCED ME TO MY TREASURED FRIENDS IN SWEDEN! I WILL MISS YOUR DAY KATARINA! 
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