"For the last thirty years, my life has truly been formed by the dirt on this hillside. It is hard to assimilate . . . to fully determine . . .  if I am creating the garden or if the garden is creating me and the way my life has unfolded. The land has been my muse . . . my guiding light giving me a sense of place . . . of connectedness to a deeply cultivated part of my being . . . ever entwining with the intricacies and marvels of the natural world surrounding me. It is my duty and responsibility to be a wise and caring steward."  Carol Duke speaking about Flower Hill Farm.

Carol Duke is an artist and farmer, who has given much of the last thirty years to caring for her twenty-one acre hillside farm in Western Massachusetts. Her greatest joy in working with the land has been to see how her farm has become home to a diverse community of wildlife. Through her blog Flower Hill Farm, Carol shares the beauty of living closely with nature and how with careful consideration of conservation and only using organic practices, while being a steward to the land, one can create a true sanctuary for native flora and fauna.  Her facebook and twitter pages are used mostly for action alerts to inspire activism towards protecting wild places and wildlife the world over. Flower Hill Farm has also become a Retreat for guests visiting the area from all over the world. 

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