Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Palette of Blue Green Purple Tad of Red

I love all the birds nesting in the gardens (with exception to the Cat Birds) but have a particular fondness and appreciation for the Tree Swallows, Blue Birds and tiny Ruby-Throated Hummingbird. The Tree Swallows literally bring joy to my heart each time I see them especially when in flight, and not just because they are sailing and swooping up hundreds of biting insects all day each day. Their flight is so delightful to watch... so freely sailing and solitary most of the time, when they do meet up with other Tree Swallows they call out in a lovely chatter and share in duets of fluid chirpy choreography. A grace in flight and here in how they look upon me and tolerate my closeness. The new raw files do not come across on the internet as the actual photos or you could see more of the incredible iridescent blue the feathers of these beautiful birds reflect, however it helps when you click on each photo to see truer colors. You can see the glittering green and dash of red of the hummer as he sips from the iris and stops to pose for my camera. All the birds get a bit uneasy with the large black plastic eye staring at them but none more so than the Blue Birds. They continue to be shy and fly away anxiously, when I am trying to capture their images and never allow me very close. The blues and purples in these early June gardens are mostly reflected in my feathery friends and the lovely Siberian Iris.
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