Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Dance Courtship . . . Or Is It?

Pileated Woodpeckers mate for life and renew courtship each year I imagine. Their dance is magical and I was amazingly lucky to happen upon them in the garden near my favorite Native Black Cherry yesterday morning. If you scroll fast . . .  you will get an idea of their choreography. Truly a gift! Precious . . .  as so much of our natural world and worthy of more than just our courting. We need a more serious daily relationship with the needs of our planet. Hopefully soon every day will become a better day for our beloved Earth! NOTE- I have been advised ( I am so thankful but cannot find the email to personally thank the person) and gratefully accept that these are two males?? If this was a challenge instead of courtship, it was certainly very mild mannered. Most curious.

For me Earth Day will always be a Remembrance for a dear soul, who devoted his heart, wit and wisdom to writing, educating, fighting and finally giving his life . . . for our world. I feel he has been with me these twelve years helping me be stronger in my part towards change. My heart smiles to think of Michael's spirit dancing with these magnificent birds. Thank you Mike for all you did and how you inspired so many others to fight harder too. You are deeply missed and never forgotten!

It is because of Michael that this Native (Serpentine) Black Cherry was saved from vines that were pulling it down. Now this tree is a major dancer in the gardens . . . with Michael's gentle, sweet spirit accompanied by gracious White and Gray Birch. I was looking towards the Black Cherry, when I saw the Pileated Woodpeckers . . .  the sun danced along too . . .  in their fiery crested crowns.  THANK YOU DEAR EARTH FOR ALL YOUR GIFTS.

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