Friday, September 17, 2010

The Sky Above Flower Hill Farm Watching the Light

There is an extraordinary light show, as the earth turns from day towards night, in this corner of the world. The sky above Flower Hill Farm is HUGE and I wish I could share the vastness of the canopy. The azure blue stretches in an arc high above the land and antique farmhouse, as seen in a planetarium. When night becomes the stage, the sky sparkles with the Milky Way, constellations and planets. There is a change in the air, jet streams usher in fronts of cold or warmth. Clouds become like temples falling into rivers of light and air. Autumn is a wondrous season and it is nearly upon us . . . there will be time to fall back into fluffy down and savor the magic of change.

This post is about sharing what is just out the windows, French doors and above the gardens. While you stroll with me in the muddled wildness that is my garden . . . you might enjoy looking up to see the sunset reflecting in an eastern sky. I wish you a lovely weekend, with miles of breathtaking wide blue yonder. 
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