Friday, April 8, 2011

Birds in Review Part XXXIII 'A Bird Parade' Indigo Bunting

Our bird parade continues on with songbirds and the Indigo Bunting (Passerina cyanea) is one of the most beautiful of songbirds. 

Indigo Buntings harvest seeds and insects from the gardens and abandoned fields. They prefer a habitat with less inhabitants, but somehow do not mind my company now and then.

Indigo Buntings can be seen foraging for food along the ground, as well as high in the trees and shrubs.

The male Indigo Bunting will often choose the same few spots atop trees or shrubs to sing out his melodious ballads. We are delighted all spring and summer, as he warbles throughout the day. You can hear his sweet songs and calls here.

I find it so interesting how the male Indigo Bunting's deep blue colors vary, depending on light and the colors surrounding him.

The female Indigo Bunting is protected with her drab plumage. She will build her nest rather low in shrubs or small trees. 

Many gardeners and birders in the southern United States are most likely hearing and eyeing the dazzling Indigo Buntings already. These indigo blue birds breed all over the eastern, midwestern and southern parts of the United States and up into southern Canada. Even parts of the southwest can enjoy the Indigo Buntings during their summer breeding season. You will not see them migrating, for Indigo Buntings follow the stars migrating during the nighttime hours.

Though the Indigo Buntings have yet to return to Flower Hill Farm from their winter sites of Central America, here along the ground in shades of blues and purples . . .  Iris reticulata offers 'eye candy' to this northeast gardener, who is delighted that most of the snow has melted away. 

At one time there were hundreds more of these delicate iris running up the hillside, but to my dismay voles enjoy them as much as I do. 

It is exciting to see the buds swelling in the trees and more bulbs releasing their spears of blooms to pierce the earth, unfurling in celebration of warmer and light filled days.

This weeks Blooming Friday Katarina has asked if we interpret 'eye candy' to see what other gardeners around the world have to show visit her lovely blog at  Roses and Stuff. Have a wonderful spring and summer Katarina!

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