Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fiery Orange Rising Reflecting Giving Life

Unusual July Sunrise Just As It Was

Middle Meadow Garden

American Painted Lady sipping Echinacea 

Healing Flames


Laying Eggs on Young Milkweed Along the Paths! 

Milkweed Bugs and Monarch Share Milkweed 

Sunset Glow

Viburnum at Dusk

Full Moon 

Sunrise Solitary Red-eyed Vireo 

Beloved by Birds Viburnum Berries Soon to Vanish

Second Day More Eggs to Lay.  First . . . Morning Milkweed Nectaring 

Red Clover Elixir Energy Boost For Laying 300 - 500 Eggs!

Every New Day a Fresh Daylily Face Unfurls

Fiery Days and Colors of July

Oh Joy for Monarchs!
rain rain never went away
early flights detoured

For now dry hot days
timing right for egg planting
Milkweed stands ready

A wild garden smiles
no mimic here true monarch
soars as no other

Tired and tattered
strength to fulfill destiny
select plants of choice

Promise of new life
mother fastening last egg
flies away to die

A Painted Lady
tiny darts of fiery heat
Echinacea sweet

Sun moon rise and set
daylilies open and close
life is a moment

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