Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wild and Native New England Asters Attract Wildlife

Change fills earth and sky
cold fronts float full above hills 
pails of moisture fall

flora and fauna
season palette rendering
bright movement flows thick

Within the gardens
magical animation 
flurry of flutter

feasting frenzy flux
asters sway within the breeze
Monarch sustenance 

Bold orange accents 
floating over southern field 
southward migration

Wild asters glow
honey light amber flowing
fleeting autumn days

It is 'Wildflower Wednesday' over at Gail's Clay and Limestone.  
This is also a contribution for Katarina's Blooming Friday for Monarchs LOVE asters!

It has been so amazing in the gardens with all the Monarch butterflies. I have never seen so many on one plant in my gardens. I am certain there were well over one hundred each day this week all about the gardens on the sunny days. Many if not most of these featured butterflies I believe emerged here at Flower Hill Farm, for they are so fresh and I know too well how tattered their wings become in no time. I still have two chrysalises that will emerge in a few days. 
This is a monarch way station too and so I guess I can never know for sure which are just migrating through here or may have lived here as caterpillars. In any case it is a joy to be with them. The butterflies are more concentrated right now on two clumps of asters right behind the farmhouse. Other Monarchs are more scattered about the south field. This experience refocuses the image I had years ago when visiting the over wintering sites in Mexico, where I saw thousands streaming down a mountain side and watched in amazement as the bright orange stream turned right in front of me and floated off down a narrow dirt road. I was so close to them and that made it more magical than even seeing many thousands hanging from the far away trees higher up in the boreal forest. 
I wish you all could have been here with me to share this enchanting encounter. I am glad I have these images to share. 

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