Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Looking Back Wildly Native Highbush Blueberries Flowers to Fruit

Blueberry blooms in foreground. Lilac colors beyond.

Blueberries to the left . . . Snowy Crabapple on right.

The Blueberry field is down the hillside directly east of the old farmhouse retreat. 

Gray Birch growing around Blueberries

Magnolia blooms in the distance . . . Blueberries growing around Gray Birch.

Blueberry pendants

Yummy to pollinators.

Swelling fruit

Rose violet to blue purple.

Portrait within a drop of water upon a blueberry. 

Robin youngster eying berries and me

Scarlet Tanager 

A bounty of berries . . . enough for me and hundreds of birds.

Planting native blueberries creates delicious moments throughout the seasons in everyday life, for those that cultivate the soil and those wild creatures that delight in our 'gardening for wildlife' endeavors.
Wilflowers for Gail at Clay and Limestone
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