Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gathering Wildflowers Fields and Meadows Gone To Sleepy Seed

Growing seasons green
a field and meadow withdraw
life filled colors fade

quiet and stillness
within November landscapes
new life floats and waits

gathered from this season past
brighten up our day

This cold and dreary day will pass, while warmer sunny days are forecast for Thanksgiving and throughout the weekend. May you all have a safe and happy holiday weekend. Let's not forget that when our ancestors first visited this land, it was filled with native wildflowers and was also populated with many native peoples who loved their land and rituals. It is important to remember. 
Do you remember the true story of Thanksgiving? How the Wampanoag people brought food to the starving 'pilgrims' ? You can learn why Thanksgiving is now 'A National Day of Mourning' for Native Americans. 
A dear friend has introduced me to a beautiful film 'We Are Still Here'

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Please look to my labels below to identify the flowers above. 

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