Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle: A Metamorphosis ~ Part Three ~ Emergence

The Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle: A Metamophosis . . .  continues with a busy butterfly community freeing themselves of confining chrysalises. 
Observing carefully you will note there is a difference in the first and second chrysalises . . . 
look towards the top and see how the surface begins to give like an accordion . . . 
expanding as the abdomen moves inside loosening the antennae and leg templates 
that clearly are revealed in the first image below.

There are often small signs revealing when change may occur . . . 
looking carefully at details of life allows for magical observations and enchantment. 

A gentle but firm push opening doors freeing body and spirit.

Going behind to observe how the back of the chrysalis gives way.

A plump male Monarch butterfly falls from his casing. 
Note the end of the abdomen. 

Emerging whole from dreams soon to be taking wing towards adventures yet unknown.

Insects have six legs but many butterflies mostly reveal only four. 
Looking just under the head and eye this photograph shows the fifth of six legs 
which is much smaller than the prominent four. 
The sixth is hidden on the other side of the Monarch butterfly.

A time to hang out allowing for wings to harden while pondering new trappings and mindset.

Elsewhere in the community another fresh opening into an exciting new existence.

Sturdy tenacious legs become like parachute strings holding on for dear life. 

A perfect female pumps her wet wings into fullness from her engorged abdomen. 

I cannot express how much this magical metamorphosis enriches my life each summer and fall. 
There are now only two chrysalis left hanging in my sedum bouquet. 
The caterpillar you see above is one.
Joy is complete when releasing these marvelous Monarch butterflies 
and seeing them take flight for the very first time. 
Next installment will be the sharing of releasing Monarchs into a sweeping cerulean sky. 

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