Friday, May 22, 2009

Blooming Friday Viburnum, English Hawthorn Birds and Bees!

The English Hawthorns are full blown and attracting tons of bugs which attract the birds, who appear to be bathing in the blossoms. When standing near the heavy uniquely scented tree one hears what sounds like a bee hive, as hundreds of honey bees are combing the newly opening flowers and gathering buckets of pollen. It is a wonder how they can still fly with all that weight on their tiny legs. The French lilacs and wisteria are still going, but with the heat wave we are having they will not last long now... soon to follow, however are the late blooming lilacs. Viburnum paniculata is lovely in its full glory. The fragrance in the garden is delicious. The birds are a constant delight. Hope you enjoy... its Blooming Friday thanks to Katarina

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