Friday, May 1, 2009

May Myrtle Warblers Multiply

May Day posies these charming Myrtle warblers are not, but they are bright and cheery and flitter about into the shrubs that are near to flowering allowing the eye to see simultaneously colorful feathers and plump vivid buds. I love these little warblers for their song and antics as well as their lovely dashes of yellow and marbled black patterns. They will be nesting in the shrubberies so I hope to get some closer photos soon. Warblers are back to nest or just passing through and fill the air with their sweet songs. Every spring I have a hard time remembering which is which, but it is fun to identify a bird by its song and then find them to see if you are right. Besides adding so much delight to being in the gardens they are working with me, when they are not preening or arguing a point, these birds are busy feeding on bugs in my buds and opening flowers in the shrubs. I am joyfully grateful for their return!
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