Friday, October 22, 2010

Jazzy Blooming Friday Astonishing Light Against the Sky

Continuing our walk about the gardens . . . the kings of the land circa 1790 . . .  giant Rock Maples wearing crowns of Autumn.

Guarding the southern side of an old farmhouse . . .  colossal trunks . . .  woodcut . . .  into the sky. One view from the lower garden. . .  beneath an apple looking up through Hydrangea, Grasses and Magnolias stellata (left light green) and soulangeana (right).

Smoke Bush in the middle garden before Black Cherry.

Japanese Maple nearby turning brilliant before Black Cherry and further on the blazing forest edge.

Looking down into the Blueberry field, primary colors create forms. Native Blueberries before young Birch cluster.

Apple woodcutting before more vibrant Blueberry bushes, Sumac and the forest edge. 

Walnut Hill still afire though color is falling and fading fast . . .  with the wind and near frost nights. 

Miscanthus grasses wave towards Shagbark Hickory wearing a Climbing Hydrangea.

The narrow eight to ten feet tall stems offer a unique viewpoint.

Velvet-like Wisteria seed pods hang like blooms.

Viburnums exhale values of Rose reds. 

Apples of deep red still hang on. While above  . . . 

A garden and forest 'against the light' . . . an arching color wheel . . .  after scattered stormy puffs.

A double rainbow closes the day!

Close enough Full Moon hangs majestic . . . fearless of dragon clouds. 

Moon mirroring the setting sun . . . as he throws luminous washes of soft, mauve pink . . .  into the billowing clouds. 

It is Blooming Friday and over in Sweden lovely Katarina graciously hosts gardeners across the world, who share their imaginations and gardens. Her theme this week is . . . 'against the light'. Visit Roses and Stuff  to see more participants. Happy Skywatching and Gardening to you! 
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