Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More Snow Soon To Go Tracks Unknown Bluebird A Flitter

March can be maddening if we are not careful to remind ourselves of its fickleness. Days can be warming into the 50's then snow and ice laid out upon the landscape the following days after. There is comfort in the fact that we all know it will not last long now. Snow hydrangea blossoms will fall for softer fleshy sepals to unfurl. The blue birds are excited and checking out their houses... the male flittering his wing in anticipation of courtship fully alive. He eyes the tracks of a fox or some other unknown predator perhaps drawn here by rabbit feet and scent in the snow. There is still plenty of fruit left to feed the hungry flocks of turkeys, waxwings and robins. I have never seen the blue birds feasting in the crabapple orchard not sure why they do not care for the tiny apples.  Already todays bright sun is melting yesterdays snow as thousands of tiny clear droplets fall from the shrubs and trees into the diminishing blanket of white.
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