Sunday, March 21, 2010

First Full Day Of Spring Walkabout Surprising Visitors!

The sun rises into the first full day of Spring! At least officially here in New England.
A handsome Red Fox is checking out the vole holes . . . much to my delight! 
His mate must have been in the lower garden, while this fellow was near the barn studio . . . for a young guest reported eyeing a fox about the same time, while she was in the hammock and proceeded to fall right out upon her excitement! No worse for the fall . . . but a great story for all and the equally startled vixen ran off down into the forest and over the rock wall!
This one ran off towards the north. I wish I had gotten better photographs but his tail makes them worth while. I hope the entire family will return and dine on my voles and rabbits!
If the Red Fox paused and turned around he would have seen this vista. It is the one I had a few days ago while doing my garden walkabout. The view is expanding out toward the south and Mount Tom.
Here I look over my wasteland and promise myself not to let it win another year! Sumac, brambles and bittersweet rule this slope. If I could get all these rocks moved it would be easier to maintain. We are underneath the serpentine Native Black Cherry looking over towards the lower garden and the Apple trees. I hope this is a good year and they will be filled with blossoms and then later delicious apples.
Taking a few steps away from the Cherry and looking more east we can see the beginning of the Blueberries which extend down the hillside beneath the Apple tree gateway. All of the grassy area before the Blueberries looked very much like the foreground here many years ago. 
Down in the Blueberry field looking up . . . another area to keep suckers, saplings and vines at bay. 
As I walk back up the hill this Robin is showing it's bloomers . . . not much else akin to that name is making a statement just now.
Walking up and past the Magnolia stellata I can imagine it's lovely blooms . . . coming soon!
Reaching the top of the hill just beneath the house . . . nearly out of breath! The grasses will be cut down soon. Here we see another view of Mount Tom. 
Here we are standing right behind the house . . . also known as Flower Hill Farm B&B and Retreat. We have a great view of the one hundred year old Apple tree Nate and I were working on a few days ago . . .  along with the Mount Holyoke Range. Mount Tom is over further to the right out of sight. The view is larger . . .  but for some reason this lens makes it look much smaller and farther away. Now what is that blue in the lower right hand corner!!??
The famous sky tarp... other wise known as 'tarpitis'.
Drumroll please!! The unveiling of chocolate composted manure from my neighbor's dairy farm, for the Hellebores, Peonies, Lilacs, and countless other flowering plants and shrubs. Hopefully it will all get spread about before it rains or the tarp comes out again! Wishing all a Happy Spring and Happy Gardening! 

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