Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring Enlivens The Spirit! Oh Joy!

Warmer days have come our way and Spring is nearly here!! Wild Honey Bees are gathering pollen from Snowdrops emerging from the thawing earth . . .  around the mighty trunk of a giant Sugar Maple!
Where higher towards the sky Raptors eye and fly!

Mottled breast and branches camouflage. 

Joyous flight fills with light!

This young Red-tailed Hawk might have been born here last year... and gives me much joy by taking flight in my direction. Our snow is melting! I was able to work outdoors yesterday for the first time in months! Today is another gorgeous day and the snow continues to slip away! Spring seems very near! It is exciting to feel, sense and see the changes!! My spirit soars with this splendid buteo!
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