Monday, March 15, 2010

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day Mid March Modest Display

Springing ahead before Spring is actually here ... we add more light to our days. The sunrises are more subdued as we turn and tilt. The sun seems to be racing along the crest of Walnut Hill more north each day, as it inches it's way towards our New England Spring. Silhouettes of magnolia, vessels and scissors play at the beginning of the new day.
The light is instantly bright. 
Mini Pink Rock OrchidDendrobium kingianum inhales the glowing rays.
 I am rewarded with the delicious fragrance it exhales towards me, when I bear up to wash the dishes. 
Her tiny flowers carry a large bouquet that wafts through the air and tickles my olfactory nerves.
A locally grown Camellia 'Debutant' lasts for a week or more in my vase and was a sweet surprise gift! These blooms were picked from one of three great trees aging around 80 to 100 years old . . . grown in a nearby florist's greenhouse, which is also filled with thousands of blooming freesias this time of year. I will be doing a post soon on this treasured family business. 
Outdoors there are a few brave snowdrops peeking through and the Robins are like blossoms in the Crabapple trees. Hundreds are enjoying the 'Orchard Diner'. 

Along with the Camellias came the gift of fresh picked and hand delivered Freesias that are brightening my days and nights indoors. A link to South Africa for me . . .  these members of the Iris family are so heavenly scented and truly my favorite late winter flower. My friends and colleagues, who grow these gorgeous full blooms, have spoiled me . . . for their Freesias are so voluptuous and rich in fragrance that any others pale in comparison. Receiving flowers hand delivered the same day they are picked . . .  in the winter . . .  is unique and so appreciated by this recipient!
The white blooms mirror the lingering . . .  melting snow, while the yellow blossoms inspires one to dream of daffodils they know. . . soon to be dotting the landscape. 
I must dream up a way to be rid of this unwelcome guest! Speaking of dreams . . . Enjoy other blooms from around the world by visiting Carol at May Dreams Gardens

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