Friday, April 3, 2009

South Fields Panoramic Sans Snow About to Grow... Carey and Walnut Hill Rolling Still

It may appear nothing much is happening here, from a distance all seems still and bare.
Naked and cold the mighty sculpted structured trees and shrubberies hold their form, but for the winter's and gardener's pruning saws and clippers. Upon closer observation there is much to notice at tips of branch and spiraling down them. A fullness is swelling within tiny buds.

Deep in the earth roots are tingling sending signals and life fluids through veins hidden within crusty bark, flowing up into thinner limb and branchlet, refined, renewed life force enters sleeping buds. The outer protective calyx, sepal armor splits at neatly formed seams a whorl gives way revealing vulnerable voluptuous petals. The morphology has begun anew. Thousands and millions of flowers and leaf are expanding and will unfurl in their time transforming this landscape into a lush paradise of vibrant colors, fragrances and clever mechanisms for reinventing themselves.

This is true in those plant forms I love and those I greatly dislike. It is much easier in ways physical to paint on my canvases ... to move the paint with palette knife or brush. Here on this living canvas of land there are invasive pernicious plants, I must not let conquer the world I have helped to create ... so the battle is on. I cannot see it any other way... bitter sweet is just that... yummy berries high in vitamin C for birds but certain death in time to trees and shrubs it tangles with. Shumach and briars too would steal the show... so I must a weed-whacking go, when I should wish to lightly stroll within a garden... dividing, planting, weeding, staking, harvesting and simply being with nature. To maintain... manipulate... control... battle... all words and actions I should avoid in dealing with other life forms, but to simply let it all be in the wild here, would mean an end to a landscape and habitat I depend on, love and share.

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