Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earths Bounty Earths Loss Celebration and Remembrance Glances From A Morning Walk

A walk on Earth Day through gardens after a rainy night... pouring rain then brings water droplets and mysterious mist into early morning light. A meandering within a landscape, below a sky closely eyeing tiny formations of new growth morphology... plants wonder... or more a wonder to perceive. So along with me do see large crusty hard trunks stretching branches wearing jewels that pierce the sky... while clouds float and morph by... birds sing and fly high... then down on the earth's surface plants unfurl and grow towards light and their purpose.

This is a day to celebrate and honor our earth. I clean with clippers and hand saw around a unique serpentine native cherry I call Michael's tree ... I recall a family gathering to honor a brave sweet man... a brilliant light for the earth in his activism towards a depth of caring an ecology of knowing and honoring our world Mother Earth. A dear friend and my editor... a depth psychologist, writer, professor now here in spirit forever a tree to honor his ashes nourish his life a gift an inspiration a struggle to find peace in a world so often fighting against a sane reality. Today I honor this slice of earth that has given a way of life to me and inspiration to all that visit. I also remember a precious soul who resides with me here still in trees, in my heart and writing and striving to be the best I can be.

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