Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Drama On Wing After Sunrise in Sky, Tree and Birdhouse

An American Kestrel made quite an impression in yesterday's garden. The tree swallows let him know early on that he was not welcome ... brave little critters! Though a beautiful creature, I am glad he seems to have just been passing thru, as I did not sight him today. Seeing him eye the blue bird, while he sat on one of the bird houses was a bit unnerving! You can barely see it in one of the pictures above if you click on it. The blue birds are having enough trouble with the tree swallows and are constantly flying back to the house they have chosen after the swallows hang out for a bit. The swallows were paying close attention to the whereabouts of the falcon too, as it flew away they seemed relieved and took to their lovely flight. The female blue bird is always keeping an eye on what is going on... never a dull moment out in the gardens and woods. I am saving up for that great telephoto lens!! Could have used it for these shots but just the same glad for what I got!
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