Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spreading Wings Sky Blue Liliaceae Anthers and Wild Honey Bee in Garden While Larger Wings Silhouette Soar High Above

Walking into my gardens in the early morning is truly magical. Every delight in life, however, seems to have its shadow ... its challenge ... and that is most certainly true for farming. Life on this hillside right now is just about perfect, except for the gang of hoodlum goldfinches devouring my lovely viburnum. They dampen my spirits and are very taxing, but otherwise the weather is delicious, there are no biting or sucking insects, dainty flowers and new shoots of countless perennials are dotting the landscape, trees and shrubberies are excited to the tips of their branches and spilling colorful buds and blossoms, and though there is endless work to do, it is fulfilling and rewarding labor. The sky is large and always filled with joyful songs and graceful flights of birds so wondrous to hear and sight. I only wish peoples the world over could have such peaceful mornings observing and working in nature.
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