Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Birds and Blueberries Fruitful Picking

Since the blueberries have been forming, the birds have been eyeing and picking berries. Finally we humans have a chance and the netting we have put over but a few bushes allow us to have quarts a plenty. The birds however, are so tempted by the berries on our chosen few that they are forever getting momentarily caught in the net ... they do find their way out and back in again often enough to sneak some of the berries designated for people. The temporary harmless snare does seem to keep them mostly out of the protected bushes. They do have full range of over forty other native high bush blueberries... the greedy little buggers. I am sorry for any stress my nets cause them ... one little guy ... a bird I cannot name is not even inside the net but somehow thinks it is trapped... until I came along and I think it came to its senses and flew off. Eva and I have had fun picking the tiny native blueberries, and I am sure the birds looking on are so envious of how easily we can gather such quantities with such rapidity. With all the rain we have a bountiful crop! The quiet around the garden is strange after the many songbirds singing in chorus all spring and summer, but now the butterflies have more space and will perhaps have more of a chance to live out their lives. The butterflies and the bees live and work gathering nectar and pollen in harmony. The birds along with Eva and I too gather our desired rewards in peace and tranquility. Well there is some exception occasionally in the early hours or towards dusk, when a hat with netting is helpful to deter the few gnats and mosquitos, who want in on the harvest.
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