Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Early Morning then Evening Water Vapor and Sky Painting

Each day the sky, snaking river below the forest and all it's trees create a new painting. These photos were taken three days ago, in the early morning and then the same day at sunset, and they will show the true vibrant colors once clicked upon. An ocean of green runs before the spectacular ancient mountain range and hills ever changing in the light as well. I am sharing part of the library garden tour here featuring Thalictrum 'Lavender Mist' within the misty morning rising up to around seven feet I am guessing. A beauty while still in bud form, its lavender stems holding a film of moisture above it's lovely spread of leaves... a gem in the garden. Mock Orange too is lovely and mirrors the striking form of the White Birch. June has faded into July days, which may bring sunshine soon but for now more like a wet monsoon.
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