Monday, July 6, 2009

Morning and Afternoon Glimpses in the Garden

Just a few shots while walking about the gardens a couple days ago. There is a bud of one variety of daylily just added to the garden last year and the flowers of perhaps Stella d'Oro. Birds are active in various ways... beginning with a chase scene featuring the Chestnut-Sided Warblers while a Cedar Waxwing seems to be meditating on the blueberries... perhaps hoping it will make them ripen quicker... a baby Robin hidden in the old apple tree is perhaps alarmed at my eyeing it and is eyeing me right back... it fledged the next day. Our fields are dotted with black eyed susan, yarrow and milkweed and cottontail rabbits are aplenty! I Shot (wish) both of these in the south field not far from one another... maybe a father and bunny... Why has the Gray Fox let me down so?? Where is cousin Coyote? The lovely single rose was inherited along with the giant Rock Maple trees... wild honey bees who reside in the middle tree, are busy gathering milkweed and verbascum pollen. The garden is a very engaging active community of living creatures surrounded by a sea of air and light.
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