Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tree Swallow Update

The Tree Swallows have flown away... babies fledged at about the same time I eyed the Broad-Winged Hawk most likely eyeing the flighty birds... I did watch them for a good while and it seems like the hawk found something else to tempt him/her. So the little ones have joined hundreds of other Tree Swallows and they are off to Cape Cod. They all left last week about the time I lost my hard drive and I nearly lost these images too! I was so happy to have seen the young swallows right before they fledged. The parents were so caring and finally gave up on dive-bombing me, so I did get these shots of the feeding and even one parent hammering on the box, when both babies were seen at the opening. I think the parent was trying to get them to fly! It must be so amazing for them getting up high enough to see out... the first sight after being down in the box all their short lives... then the first flight ... what an adventure! I miss their presence in the garden sky!
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