Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Life in One Blooming Day

What would our life be like, if we had but one day to live it? Would we open freely to the light that shines upon us, while unfurling that which we have held tight within. Slowly gracefully spreading in the dewy morning... allowing air and light to flow over our fresh youthful beauty... knowing that it could not last, we would savor each second, feeling every breath of wind and drop of rain that touched our ephemeral petal skin. Our sepals would swell, burst open unveiling the colorful drapery that covers those secret lines of filament adorned by crisp smooth anthers, whose creases crack and pour forth bright yellow grains to insure new life. We indulge many fickle visitors, who tickle our urgent fancy. As the day moves into late afternoon, clouds and flights of birds and butterflies having flown above us, our life is nearing completion. Our anthers and lovely fresh folds begins to fade then fall, we shrink and contract back into our deeper self, where we attend to the life hereafter. Our flower leaves metamorphose into minuscule... life compact readied to be cast out for the future. We lilies of a day do not long for more, only thankful the lovely doe allows our curtains to fall as they will ... not nipped while in the bud. Happy Blooming Day! Check out other gardens in bloom at Roses and Stuff. Enjoy this Day and Every Day to the Fullest!
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